AZ385 – 226 x 143 cm



This vintage Azilal carpet is a beautiful example of the freestyle Berber art showing different interpretations of the female lozenge motif. The background is knotted in natural undyed ivory nicely framed with checkered borders. Patterns are in a palette of sunny yellow, bright red & bordeaux, charcoal and moments of deep green and indigo blue. A colorful carpet with a plush texture. All wool with cotton in the warp for strengthening. The carpet is in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 226 x 143 cm (2,26 x 1,43 meters) or 7.4 x 4.7 feet
Tribe / Region: Azilal (High Atlas Mountains)
Circa: 1980
Material: 100% wool with cotton in the warp
Product code: AZ385


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