COL105 – 334 x 180 cm



An impressive vintage carpet from the Beni Mguild tribe. The shifting hues are enchanting and ever-changing as the light plays with the wool pile. The carpet is showing a color field with saturated orange & reds, magenta and a subtle glow of burned orange. Super beautiful wool quality. Devoid of patterns the focus of this carpet is entirely on texture and color. With contrasting dark selvedges. A piece that will instantly adorn a space with its aesthetic warmth. Feels wonderful soft and dense under foot! The carpet is in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 334 x 180 cm (3,34 x 1,80 meters) or 11 x 6 feet
Tribe / Region: Beni Mguild
Circa: 1970
Material: 100% wool
Product code: COL105


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