COL593 – 334 x 190 cm

$ 1,320.00


A vintage weaving from the Zayane region. Majestic of spirit this carpet exhibits a perfectly balanced blend of colour. The deep magenta is adorned with sea green and ivory. Hints or orange and lemon yellow can be found across the composition. The intricate patterns lend a sophisticated appearance alternated with intentional irregularities and tribal motifs. The carpet is densely knotted with a soft and beautiful wool quality. Very nicely finished with braided tassels. Medium pile and 100% wool. The carpet is well preserved and in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 334 x 190 cm (3,34 x 1,90 meters) or 11 x 6.2 feet
Tribe / Region: Zayane
Circa: 1980
Material: 100% wool
Product code: COL593


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