FC218 – 312 x 158 cm

$ 600.00


Stunning Tliss flatweave featuring broad horizontale bands woven with goat hair alternated with ivory and terra red striping with sheep wool. The plain background is adorned with bands of intricately patterned lozenges and long fringes on both sides for decor. The Tliss weavings (Berber word for sack) derive from the large saddle sacks once used to transport hay. The goat hair used for these weavings is incredibly durable and water resistant. The carpet is in pristina condition.

Size: approx. 312 x 158 cm (3,12 x 1,58 meters) or 10.2 x 5 feet
Tribe / Region: Southern Morocco
Circa: 2000
Material: 100% sheet wool and goat hair
Product code: FC218


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