H1124 – 220 x 116 cm



This vintage Moroccan wedding blanket is hand loomed with a field in creamy wool and cotton striping. The thick bushy bands in ivory lend a wild spirited tribal character to this lovely blanket. Clusters of countless shiny sequins are semi hidden between the long tufted fibers of the bushy bands. The blanket makes a sweet jingly sound when lifted. The backside shows very beautiful kilim pattern bands with intricate Berber motifs. The blanket is in a very good condition.

Moroccan wedding blankets are incredibly decorative and can be used as bed or sofa cover. A wedding blanket is also very suitable for use as carpet or wall decor.

Size: approx. 220 x 116 cm (2,20 x 1,16 meters) or 7.5 x 3.8 feet
Tribe / Region: Middle Atlas
Circa: 1990
Material: 100% wool and cotton
Product code: H1124


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