H509 – 270 x 180 cm

$ 336.00


This is a gorgeous vintage Moroccan blanket with a Bohemian vibe. Hand-loomed in a very generous size showing a field in ivory. The blanket is decorated with woolen tufting creating a lattice pattern and countless shiny metal sequins attached on long cotton loops. When lifted the blanket makes a sweet jingly sound. With cotton and wool fibers. The blanket is in a very good condition.

Moroccan blankets are incredibly decorative and can be used as bed or sofa cover.

Size: approx. 270 x 180 cm (2,70 x 1,80 meters) or 8.8 x 6 feet
Tribe / Region: Middle Atlas
Circa: 1980
Material: 100% cotton and wool
Product code: H509


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