Beni Ouarain / Beni Mrirt

Beni Ouarains rugs are characteristically knotted with a dense pile construction of natural undyed wool. These magnificent carpets have the fascinating ability to connect the long history of nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors.

Colorful Carpets


Moroccan carpets are named after the regions of origin and tribes. Each region or tribe often has its own typical use of color dyes as well as distinctive patterns. Due to the great variety of styles the choices are endless. These type of colorful carpet give an elegant look for your interior

Flatweave / Kilim

Moroccan flatweaves or hanbels have distinctive color and pattern characteristics per region. Varying in color extravagance and intricate motifs or wonderfully unobtrusive in warm earth tones and minimalist designs.


The Azilal weavings often display abstract compositions with a complete lack of symmetry or consistency and random color combinations which is the true charm of Azilal rug.


Boucherouite rugs are wonderfully extravagant in color and timeless in design. These rugs of rags are exuberant and delightfully irresistible. Scraps of discarded clothes are given new life as they become part of an infinite fantasy.


Wedding Blanket / Handira

A traditional and symbolic textile handloomed for a Berber bride. Typically woven in cream and white adorned with shiny metal sequins, Moroccan wedding blankets are strikingly decorative.

beni ouarain

Objects of Desire

Beyond Marrakech is a label founded in collaboration with the best Moroccan artisans. We are passionate about craftmanship and we have built long term relationships with the best artisans near and far. Each item is carefully selected and we are committed to offering a curated collection of beautifully designed accessories of the highest quality for your home.We are at Beyond Marrakech have a great collection of beni ouarains, leather pouffes, kilim cushions, Moroccan rugs, colorful carpets and many more.

moroccan leather pouffe

Leather Pouffes

Moroccan leather pouffes are a great addition in any space. They combine wonderfully in different interiors whether contemporary, classic or bohemian and can be used for seating or as a low table.


Kilim Cushions

We offer both authentic vintage kilim cushions and pieces given a second life by using parts of a damaged vintage rug. Each pillow is a one of a kind adding instant color and a subtle ethnic accent in any interior.

Floor Pillows

The Moroccan floor pillows are very decorative and comfortable for seating or lounging. Each pillow is a unique piece created from a vintage hanbel or carpet adding subtle Moroccan decor in your home.





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