AZ383 – 255 x 130 cm



A portray of simplicity. An older vintage Azilal carpet showing a field knotted in natural undyed ivory. The premium wool quality is super soft with a subtle sheen. An assembly of motifs knotted in subdued hues tells a personal story highlighted with a few pops of bright coloring. A gentle and unobtrusive piece of floor art. Nicely framed with brown and taupe wool. Finished with a flatweave band on both sides and long fringes. The carpet is in a good condition.

Size: approx. 255 x 130 cm (2,55 x 1,30 meters) or 8.3 x 4.2 feet
Tribe / Region: Azilal (High Atlas Mountains)
Circa: 1970
Material: wool
Product code: AZ383


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