BO1988 – 380 x 188 cm

$ 1,920.00


A more unusual vintage Beni Ouarain carpet with cross border influences of the Marmoucha tribe. This unique carpet narrates a detailed Berber story and represents a woven reminder of the Jewish Amazigh people in Morocco. The composition shows a classic network of female lozenges with a great variety of motifs. With a base of natural undyed wool adorned with silver charcoal, burnt orange and red. Old school weaving skills and excellent wool quality. Some visible age wear at the fringes which can be very nicely repaired. Low to medium pile and 100% soft wool.

Size: approx. 380 x 188 cm (3,80 x 1,88 meters) or 12.4 x 6 feet
Tribe / Region: Beni Ouarain / Marmoucha
Circa: 1970
Material: 100% wool
Product code: BO1988


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