Vintage Beni Ouarain carpet exhibiting a more unusual triptych composition. Very densely knotted with a field in natural warm ivory with subtle tones of light beige. Three separated sections each show a classic female lozenge network united by fish bone patterned borders. The network is constructed by connected square motifs knotted in black and charcoal with a different variation of zigzag motifs in the central section. Nicely edged with double sided black borders. Finished with black and white tufting on both ends and long plaited tassels. Feels incredibly soft under foot! Medium pile and made with 100% soft wool. The carpet is in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 400 x 200 cm (4,00 x 2,00 meters) or 13 x 6.5 feet
Tribe / Region: Beni Ouarain
Circa: early 1980
Material: 100% wool
Product code: BO429


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