COL415 – 310 x 159 cm



Younger vintage Haouz carpet and a beautiful example of home crafted Berber weaving. This well preserved piece is knotted with a background in abrashed shades of orange and embellished with Berber motifs sprinkled across the field flanked by zigzag borders. The composition is held in a frame of cream tufting edged with contrasting selvedges in dark brown. The color scheme is serene with subtle use of indigo blue and bright orange accents. Beautiful finishing with a flatweave band and long tassels on both ends. 100% sheep and goat wool. Feels soft and dense under foot. The carpet is in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 310 x 159 cm (3,10 x 1,59 meters) or 10 x 5.2 feet
Tribe / Region: Haouz
Circa: 1990
Material: 100% sheep/goat wool
Product code: MR415


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