AZ776 – 356 x 147 cm



Vintage Azilal carpet with soft wool quality and a generous length. The carpet is knotted with a background in natural ivory adorned with little cross motifs scattered across the field. With a central string of four large female lozenges flanked by vertical zigzags. Patterns are colored in indigo blue, bright red, emerald green, pale blue and a hint of yellow. Entirely framed with dark contrasting ladder borders. Low pile, all wool with cotton in the warp for strengthening which is very common on the weavings from the Azilal region. The carpet is in a very good condition.

Size: approx. 356 x 147 cm (3,56 x 1,47 meters) or 11.6 x 4.8 feet
Tribe / Region: Azilal (High Atlas Mountains)
Circa: 1990
Material: 100% wool with cotton in the warp
Product code: AZ776


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